Trust us with your Insurance Claims

A.C.K. Construction takes a unique hands on approach to your claims. Our personalized logistics and planning make us who we are. We have the experience and skills to get you what you need out of your claim, or expenditure project. Most of all, WE can do the work for you. Through our experience we have gained valuable insight and built close and trusting relationships throughout the insurance industry that allow us to better serve your claim to the fullest. 

In this fast paced world, the last thing you need is to be bogged down with claims and the back and forth dealings with the insurance agency. We can handle all aspects of our projects from inception/ date of incident to completion, in order to finish with the best possible outcome and quality. WE go the extra distance and dive deep into your claim for you to ensure our goal is accomplished. Our clients satisfaction is our goal by making the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Depend on A.C.K.

Your roof endures the harsh weather 365 days a year with storms, UV rays and wind damage and without proper maintenance it could cost valuable productivity or equipment for your business until it’s repaired. 

A.C.K. Construction has a team of commercial roofing inspectors available to perform a FREE comprehensive survey of your building and provide honest and reliable results and solutions to any potential issues your roof may be facing.

We seek to become a dependable resource for any services you may need for your business including immediate disaster repairs, preventative maintenance or custom projects.